Mobile E-Novative Use of E-learning Technologies – MENUET (LLP/LdV/TOI/2008/RO/010)

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    The project “Mobile E- Novative Use of E- learning Technologies (MENUET)” is based on the experience and innovative ideas developed in the frame of the project “Effective Didactical Use of E-books/E-textbooks as Innovative Delivering Media” (EDUET) and Innovative E-Learning Content for the Modernization of Environmental Education and VocAtional Training in Europe (ELEVATE) by MULTIMEDIA SUNSHINE LTD., U.K. One of the main aims/ objectives of the project is to study all relevant didactical concepts and methodologies in the field of mobile computer technology based learning, as well as in cognitive science. Another objective is to enlarge art and skills for teaching in the m-Learning era to develop and design on-line multimedia - rich content, on-line training resources and provide on-line test procedures.The partnership includes 6 partners from 4 countries. The project is promoted by the University Politehnica of Bucharest and has as partners: Multimedia Sunshine Ltd. (UK) - one of the most prestigious institutions in Europe and one of the first world’s virtual companies, the University of Patras (GR), the University of Targoviste (RO), the European Training Center (RO) and INFOART (BG).