EU Projects

    Participation in 13 Projects Co-financed by the European Union: 6 Erasmus+, 3 LdV Transfer of Innovation, 1 LdV Grundtvig, 1 LdV Partnership, 2 FSE (POSDRU)

    Scientific articles

    More then 60 scientific articles and contract statements from which 50 published in national and international revues

    International Conferences

    Over 25 participation at international Conferences

    Courses & applications

    More then 25 printed courses and books and applications

    The CTE members expertise extends to various management, dissemination and information and technical areas:

  • Project Management;
  • Project Dissemination and Information (Inform, Promote, Engage, Increase Awareness and Impact);
  • Mobile Learning;
  • Learning Management Systems;
  • eLearning Content Development and Implementation;
  • Modern Teaching Methodologies;

  • Power balance checking for industrial consumers;
  • Reactive energy compensation in deformative regimes;
  • Renewable energy;
  • Studies in new and renewable energy sources and non-conventional energies sources;
  • Studies in efficiency of photo-voltaic solar energy conversion;
  • Topological analysis of electrical networks, attenuation of the deformative effects in electrical networks;
  • Techniques of Non-pollution and technologies in the energetic field;
  • Studies in medium and short time prognosis series with application in technological processes and energetic prognosis.