Who are we?

    European Training Center (CTE) aims to be the trusted partner of teachers, students and technicians from different high school, universities and companies in formal and informal continous training field. We propose flexible and attractive educational approaches and tools.

    CTE has experience in delivering effective training on the use of mobile devices in the teaching-learning process and has contributed in previous projects to the development and creation of eLearning content and the educational virtual worlds in various fields (communication and public relations, management & business, protection environment, agriculture, medical, engineering sciences, etc.) successfully using new information technologies and artificial intelligence in the field of education.

    What makes us the perfect partner for your project?


    • Possibility to take advantage of foreign languages and educational potential of the team members;
    • Our knowledge on the latest trends in training;
    • Availability and flexibility to finish tasks in the required deadline;
    • A young and flexible team;
    • Web design, programming, networking, database management;
    • Consultancy service in the field of Structural Funds;
    • Experience and contacts in ICT;
    • Research activities.


    Our skills

    CTE members are involved in European cooperation projects and have extensive experience in their individual areas of expertise, offering complete technical training in the following areas:

    Platforms and eLearning content
    VR and AI solutions
    Scientific research