Development of careers in education through human resource development - CIFRU (POSDRU/19/1.3/G/6508)




    Development of Careers in Education through Human Resource Development (CIFRU), project initiated by the University Politehnica of Bucharest, in collaboration with European Training Center, Technical College "Media", transnational partners from Greece and the Netherlands, is an innovative educational alternative which allow teachers to create, customize and apply new learning modules and testing in which, the emphasis is placed on the application (phenomena, examples, practical uses).

    The project includes activities promoting the use of innovative methodologies and communication channels that actively capture user's attention through a well-weighted sequencing (animation, text, color, sound) and IT equipment capable of supporting an effective teaching speech. This project desires to open new perspectives in in education, by increasing the interest and awareness of teachers, through the acquisition of modern teaching and learning techniques. The project proved its added value by offering two modules with a total number of 240 hours of training for the teachers, thus increasing the number of participants in training.

    The project's overall objective is to create a comprehensive system of analysis, information, training, advocacy and support for the training of teachers. Specific objectives of this project are mentioned: increasing interest of teachers to use IT technologies, creating a teacher training program with emphasis on quality education and key competencies, developing partnerships for access Easy to information and innovation, supporting the establishment of a center to provide specialized training services, the interface between universities, schools and companies.