UsinG online gAMe to tackle Early school leaving and reducing behavioural difficulties among pupils

(ERASMUS+ 2019-1-PL01-KA201-064865)

ERASMUS+ - KA201 - Strategic Partnerships for school education

Website: GAME (

School climate and class largely affects the overall results of school work, motivation, job performance, satisfaction of staff and students (parents indirectly) with the school. It’s also affects the way how teacher communicate with her/his pupils, and creates relationships between teachers and pupils.

Building a relationship of teacher and pupil is dependent on the ability of teachers taken their immediacy, humor, ability to listen, accept, or acceptance.

These skills of teachers are particularly important now that societies see increasing problems with ESL, levels of tension and aggression, which is also transmitted on the behavior of children in schools.

Project GAME is directed mainly to teachers from primary and secondary schools. Elaborated products (game) will provide especially elaborated content which will increase knowledge, skills and competences of teachers.



Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawla II w Krakowie

Stowarzyszenie Arid

New Edu,n.o

Panepistimio Patron

Asociatia Centrul de Training European

Amadora Inovation Em Unipessoal LDA



Improve the Efficiency and the Attractiveness of Environmental Engineering and Waste Management

Training with Game Based Virtual Reality (ERASMUS+ 2019-1-SK01-KA202-060790)

ERASMUS+ - KA201 - Strategic Partnerships for school education

Website: VR-WAMA (


VR-WAMA project aims to respond to the continuing and urgent needs of the growing environmental engineering and waste management sectors to develop highly qualified VET students with great skills and competencies able to fulfill the sector needs for highly qualified and specialized professionals. In this line, the project aims to develop an innovative, state of the art, highly efficient and concrete training framework to assist VET students to better learn more and teachers to teach more efficiently the challenging domain of environmental engineering and waste management in an attractive, effective and educationally advanced way.

Its objective is to enhance the students qualifications, expertise and skills and thus increase their employability and assist them to make a career in the environmental engineering industry.



Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

University of Patras


Istituto per le technologie didattiche


Enhancing Youth Entrepreneurship Skills, Careers Guidance and Competences in Agriculture Through a Game based Virtual Reality Platform (ERASMUS+ 2018-3-HR01-KA205-060151)

ERASMUS+ - KA201 - Strategic Partnerships for school education

Website: AGRIENT (


Our project aims at producing an innovative educational platform and providing a systematic approach to train and support young people to run successfully their own agribusinesses. Several innovative open courses and training procedures will be designed to efficiently teach Entrepreneurship, focused on the Agriculture domain. The educational platform will utilize and use advanced ICT-based educational methods like 3D virtual reality. This will contribute in ICT-based innovative teaching and training as well as assessment. Teachers will be offered new and more attractive ways of teaching, through the 3D Virtual reality educational environment that will be developed. Learners will have the opportunity to learn more efficiently and improve their skills on agriculture and entrepreneurship by using advanced ICT technologies (like virtual reality), thus improving the overall quality of learning.



Polytechnic of Sibenik

Slovak university of Agriculture in Nitra

University of Patras

Agricultural research Institute - Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus

Computer technology Institute & Press Diophantus



An innovative virtual reality educational environment for school physics education - WORLD-OF-PHYSICS (2016-1-CY01-KA201-017371)
Strategic Partnerships - KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

: World of Physics (WOP)

The main aim of the proposed project is to assist students in better studying and learning physics with the utilization of new educational technologies. Specifically, a 3D virtual reality educational environment will be developed possessing innovative educational infrastructure, and offering immersive and efficient learning opportunities, engaging students in various educational activities, learning scenarios and offering students an attractive, entertaining and efficient way to learn various topics of the challenging domain of physics.

The main aim of the proposed project is to assist students in better studying and learning physics with the utilization of new educational technologies. Specifically, a 3D virtual reality educational environment will be developed possessing innovative educational infrastructure, and offering immersive and efficient learning opportunities, engaging students in various educational activities, learning scenarios and offering students an attractive, entertaining and efficient way to learn various topics of the challenging domain of physics. The students will have the ability to virtually visit laboratories, perform experiments, explore procedures and phenomena, examine the ways that are conducted and also be guided towards analyzing and explaining them through the scientific method. The virtual educational environment and the laboratories will be designed in a way that supports students to form appropriate mental models of involved concepts, by visualizing them and allowing interactions with the virtual phenomena and processes. When students learn new abstract concepts it is quite hard without appropriate connection to concrete examples.

The project is promoted by the University of Cyprus (CY) and has as partners: University of Patras (GR), Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IT), Asociatia Centrul de Training European (RO), New Edu n.o. (SK) and Computer Technology Institute & Press Diophantus (GR).




Mobile E-Novative Use of E-learning Technologies – MENUET (LLP/LdV/TOI/2008/RO/010)
Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation

:  Menuet

The project “Mobile E- Novative Use of E- learning Technologies (MENUET)” is based on the experience and innovative ideas developed in the frame of the project “Effective Didactical Use of E-books/E-textbooks as Innovative Delivering Media” (EDUET) and Innovative E-Learning Content for the Modernization of Environmental Education and VocAtional Training in Europe (ELEVATE) by MULTIMEDIA SUNSHINE LTD., U.K. One of the main aims/ objectives of the project is to study all relevant didactical concepts and methodologies in the field of mobile computer technology based learning, as well as in cognitive science. Another objective is to enlarge art and skills for teaching in the m-Learning era to develop and design on-line multimedia - rich content, on-line training resources and provide on-line test procedures.The partnership includes 6 partners from 4 countries. The project is promoted by the University Politehnica of Bucharest and has as partners: Multimedia Sunshine Ltd. (UK) - one of the most prestigious institutions in Europe and one of the first world’s virtual companies, the University of Patras (GR), the University of Targoviste (RO), the European Training Center (RO) and INFOART (BG).



Enhance attractiveness of renewable energy training by virtual reality – AVARES (2012-1-GR1-LEO05-10057)
Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation

: Avares

Main aim of the AVARES project is to improve adaptability and mobility of persons belonging to disadvantaged groups on the labour market by means of e - learning 2.0 and virtual reality.The objectives of the AVARES project are linked with the priority to create and testing the process of the implementation of virtual reality into vocational and lifelong training with the emphasis on its quality and attractiveness improvement and principles of the European Qualification Framework implementation which links national qualification systems of different countries and aims to put the qualification systems converge in the renewable energy sector. The consortium involved in this project is made by:

- University of Patras, Greece;

- Centre of Training European, Romania;

- Slovak University of Agriculture, Slovakia;

- eTraining Solutions, Germany;

- Escola Tecnologica e Profissional de Sico, Portugal;

- European Leadership Insitute, Ltd., Lithuania.



Mobile Web 2.0 e-Training for Vocational Education Trainers - MobiVET2.0 (LLP/LDV/MT/TOI/02/2012)
Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation


The project MobiVET2.0  aims to fill the online training gap between the self-guided learners and VET trainers by developing mobile Web2.0-based (e-Learning 2.0) knowledge and skills of the trainers thus turning them from in-class trainers to skilled online mobile tutors (e-tutors).The project has as objective to broaden the e-skills and competencies of European VET practitioners (teachers, trainers and tutors) and help develop adequate online training practices for effective distant tutoring of lifelong self-learning activities at the workplace and on the go without time and distance barriers.The consortium of the project consists of 7 organisations from 7 EU countries: 2 universities, 2 training centres and 3 companies (SMEs);  AcrossLimits a dynamic SME and creative e-Business, Internet and Knowledge Management solutions provider.from Malta , Infoart (BG) is a SME with major scope of work focussed on research, consulting and engineering in the field of information technology services, ASIMAG (ES) is a consulting firm working on the field of training, eTS (DE) is a SME which develops innovative online and off-line synchronous and asynchronous training resources and systems, the Slovak University of Agriculture (SK) , the University of Patras (GR) and  CTE (RO).



Safety food, Healthy life - A main goal for Europe – SAHEL (GRU-10-P-LP-52-B-ES)
Grundtvig – Partnership

: Sahel Project

The SAHEL project   focused on some major requirements on training: the rapid changes of needs for health and nutrition, due to a large explosion of fast food and to the easy access to unhealthy life style.The aim of SAHEL project is to provide a flexible formative program in the field of healthy nutrition able to ensure that rural business – a way to ensure a good quality of ecological food in the EU – adapts continuously to the changes and demands of the new society and habits.The beneficiaries of SAHEL partnership are individuals whose skills will be updated: adults, adults without basic qualifications living in disadvantaged rural areas as well as trainers.The partnership was made by prestigious institutions from 7 European countries; ADULT EDUCATION CENTRE, (CEPA)-Spain, EUROPEAN TRAINING CENTRE (RO), TEI OF PATRAS. FACULTY OF PHYSIOTHERAPY from Patras Greece,  “ARCIMONDO” ASSOCIATION IT, XGRANT REINTEGRATIE BV  (NL),STIFTELSEN MANGFOLD I ARBEIDSLIVET (MiA) (Diversity at work) (NO), SAGLIKLI YASAMI DESTEKLEME VE TESVIK DERNEG  ( TR).



Discover a New Working Field – DISCOVER (LLP/LdV/PAR/2012/RO/065)
Leonardo da Vinci – Partnership

: Discover

The European Commission published a Renewable Energy Roadmap outlining a long-term strategy in January 2007. It called for a mandatory target of a 20% share of renewable energies in the EU's energy mix by 2020. The target was endorsed by EU leaders in March 2007.Starting from this point, we would like to focus on the cooperation between vocational education and training institutions and the world of work areas in the Europe and involve partners from both sides in order to discover new working fields and employment areas.The project addresses to the teachers, trainers, tutors working in the field of energy and in similar professionals in schools/institutes or in working life institutes and its goal is to have development for the following subjects:

- Searching for the sectors and the job areas related to renewable energy;

- Career guidance, counselling and searching employment opportunities in the sectors of renewable energy sources;

- Integration of skills needs of the labour market into VET;

- Encouraging the usages of the renewable energy sources;

- Environmental protection.


You can download the courses below:

Part 1 - Renewable Energies

Part 2 Using Geothermal Energies



Development of careers in education through human resource development - CIFRU (POSDRU/19/1.3/G/6508)

Development of Careers in Education through Human Resource Development (CIFRU), project initiated by the University Politehnica of Bucharest, in collaboration with European Training Center, Technical College "Media", transnational partners from Greece and the Netherlands, is an innovative educational alternative which allow teachers to create, customize and apply new learning modules and testing in which, the emphasis is placed on the application (phenomena, examples, practical uses).

The project includes activities promoting the use of innovative methodologies and communication channels that actively capture user's attention through a well-weighted sequencing (animation, text, color, sound) and IT equipment capable of supporting an effective teaching speech. This project desires to open new perspectives in in education, by increasing the interest and awareness of teachers, through the acquisition of modern teaching and learning techniques. The project proved its added value by offering two modules with a total number of 240 hours of training for the teachers, thus increasing the number of participants in training.

The project's overall objective is to create a comprehensive system of analysis, information, training, advocacy and support for the training of teachers. Specific objectives of this project are mentioned: increasing interest of teachers to use IT technologies, creating a teacher training program with emphasis on quality education and key competencies, developing partnerships for access Easy to information and innovation, supporting the establishment of a center to provide specialized training services, the interface between universities, schools and companies.



Training and Education System for using Laser Therapy and Applications in Health Care - SPIRALMED

ASOCIAŢIA DE MEDICINĂ ANTI AGING (AMAA) from Romania aims to discover and promote advanced technology for slowing the aging process, the discovery of the causes and factors that encourage and accelerate this process and to study and promote methods and therapies with positive results in prolonging and quality human life.
AMAA is accredited by the College of Physicians of Romania (CMR) to provide continuing medical education, as following : trainings, symposia, workshops - accredited by E.M.C of CMR and the Order of Nurses and Midwives in Romania (OAMMR). The association collaborates with international companies, exchanges and internships, such as the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; Euro Medicom (organizer of the World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine) Tarsus Group - organizer of national and international conferences in over 85 countries; European Society of Anti-Aging Medicine; Swiss Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; Dutch Association of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Activities undertaken within the project:
-> Project Coordination;
-> The organization of training courses;
-> International Cooperation;
-> The European exchanges.

-> Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti (UPB)
-> Centrul de Training European (CTE)
-> Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.)

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