CTE Statute


CTE is a non-governmental, non-profit, independent, public benefit organization founded in Bucharest, Romania, by four persons:

 - Prof. Dr. Eng. Gabriel Gheorghe Jiga - president

 - Academician Dr. Eng. Paul Dan Cristea - Vice President

 - Prof. Dr. Eng. Adriana Dorina Popovici - Vice President

 - Eng. Sorin Ionitescu – Vice President


The company has been registered in 03.02.2007 according to the Romanian Commercial Law, with file no. 3254/299/2007.

The purpose of the CTE association is the promotion of training activities in the field of Information and Communications Technologies, research, support, consulting professional training, continuous training and retraining.

CTE Association is composed of the following categories of members:
a. founding  members, who constituted the association,
b. associate members,
c. honorary members
d. supporting members
e. volunteers
f. employees

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